Welcome to the World Youth Day 2005 in Essen

On behalf of the teachers and students of the Nikolaus-Groß-Abendgymnasium, a school of further education founded by the first Bishop of Essen, Dr. Franz Hengsbach in 1959, I very warmly welcome all the participants of the World Youth day in the diocese of Essen.

„We have come to worship Him“ – This is the motto of the World Youth day in Cologne and of the days which will be taking place in our diocese.

Our school offers you information both in English and in German with the following documents and links:

  1. Links to the homepages of the WYD in Cologne and Essen
  2. Comprehensive information on the patron of our school, Blessed Nikolaus Groß and his wife Elisabeth with texts, pictures and songs from the Musical „Nikolaus Groß“
  3. A collection of words and expressions in the English language which might help you to communicate with our guests during the days in Essen.
  4. An invitation to visit our tent on Kettwiger Straße on the day under construction, Friday, 12th August, 17.00 – 22.00 hours.

Essen, 30th July 2005
Bernhard Nadorf (School director)

Wortfeld Weltjugendtag

World youth day (wö:ld ju:th dei) – Weltjugendtag

The WJM takes place in the dioceses (daiosi:zes) of Cologne, Essen and all the other German dioceses – Das Weltjugendtreffen findet statt in den Bistümern Essen und Köln.

Religious denominations (rilidsches dinomineischns) Religiöse Konfessionsgemeinschaften: Catholic (käthelik), Protestant etc.

Pope John Paul II has invited the youth of the world to come to Essen and to Cologne. The last meeting was in Toronto (Canada)

The church of Essen (tschötsch) is divided into deanships (Dekanate) and into parishes (Pfarrgemeinden)

The parish priest is in charge of a parish; the members of the parish are called the parishioners

Our parish is called „Mariä Heimsuchung Überruhr“; it is situated in Essen-Überruhr and it consists of/it comprises (kempraizes) 5000 souls/parishioners/members of the church.

A number of parishes make up the deanship (Dekanat) which is headed by the dean (Dechant);

Every parish has two committees which support the local priest in his task: one is the „Pfarrgemeinderat“, comparable to a parish council which is regularly elected by the members of the church in this district – this body mainly focuses on spiritual affairs – and the „Kirchenvorstand“ which might be compared to a board of directors for that particular church being mainly administrative. This body is also elected by the parishioners.

The catholic hierarchy (haira:ki): The Pope, The cardinals and bishops, the deans and the parish priests with chaplains (tschäplens) attached.

The church of Essen was founded in 1958 consisting of former territories of the dioceses Münster, Paderborn und Cologne. The well (Brunnen) on the Burgplatz of Essen reminds us of the roots of our diocese.

Christianity in the Ruhr area is – of course – much older than that. It goes back to the first missionaries who came to the Ruhr area in the 8th century after Christ. Saint St. Ludger who was born in Utrecht and educated in England, founded the monastery in Essen-Werden, and the citizens of this district celebrated the 1200th anniversary of their city in 1999. For more than 1000 years the city of Essen was governed by ladies, the so called „Fürstäbtissinnen“, nuns, whose names you will find engraved when you visit the cathedral and enter through the side door. It was only when Napoleon dispossessed the churches in 1803 transferring the process of „Säkularisierung“ i.e. the separation of State and Church to Germany and ending the first German Reich that this reign came to an end and Prussia took over.

The cathedral (kethi:drel) of the Bishop of Essen is opposite the Burgplatz right off Kettwiger Straße.

The first Bishop of Essen was Franz Cardinal Hengsbach; Before becoming the first Bishop of the newly founded diocese of Essen, he was suffragan (saffregen) Bishop (Weihbischof) in Paderborn. After his death he was followed by Bishop Dr. Hubert Luthe, who came from Cologne. On his 75th birthday Bishop Dr. Luthe retired and our new Bishop is Dr. Felix Genn who was born in Wassenach and spent much of his clerical life in the diocese of Trier.

The cathedral of Essen is world famous for the 1000 year old statue of the golden Madonna, which you will find to the left of the altar in a chapel with the inscription „Was immer er Euch sagt, das tut“/Whatever he says, please do“ This is what Mary, mother of God said to the guests at the wedding of Kanaa. Mary is the Patron Saint (peitren seint) of the diocese of Essen. She is worshipped (wö:schippt) (verehrt)as the Mother of the good counsel.

On the right hand side you can visit the newly created Nikolaus Groß chapel. Nikolaus Groß, a miner from one a small village near Essen, was a Catholic worker who – through further education courses qualified to become a journalist of a leading Catholic trade union paper at the end of the twenties. As he warned his fellow workers against the threat of both communism and National Socialism, he was tried and hanged in Berlin-Plötzensee, On 7th October 2001 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II on St. Peter`s square. He is the first person from our diocese who received this honour.

The cathedral of Essen is also the tomb for the bishops of Essen, and our first Bishop has been buried in the Adveniat chapel, which is situated right at the back of the church facing the altar.

Next to the cathedral you find the treasury (Domschatzkammer) which is well worth visiting, because it contains some of the finest examples of medieval religious art.

On the other side of the Münsterkirche is the house of the vicar-general (Generalvikariat). This is the administration of the diocese of Essen.

In 2005 we welcome guests from all over the world in Essen. We are hosts and we will have to be hospitable (hospitebl/Akzent auf der ersten Silbe))/to show hospitality/Akzent auf 3. Silbe).

Do you have somewhere to stay?/ What form of accommodation would you like?/Where can we accommodate you?/Can I help you to find a room? Do you require (rikwaie) a single or a double room?

You may stay in a hotel or in a bed and breakfast room or in a youth hostel or in a school.

How long do you wish to stay?

Would you like breakfast only/half board/full board?

Breakfast is served at…

How much is it?/How much do you charge?/What is the price?

The organisers of the WJT invite young people from 16 to 30/the youth/the young people/the young/ to take part in the following events: Holy mass/Religious services/Musical performances/Theatre plays/Religious meditation/workshops
Today we have the following programme…
You may choose (tschu:z) between…

Holy mass/to celebrate Holy Mass/the celebration of Holy Mass/to pray/the prayer/ the congregation (die Gemeinde); the altar, the sacrament/the host or the consecrated wafer (Hostie)/transubstantiation (Wandlung), holy communion/the lord`s prayer (Vaterunser)to bless/the blessing

What are the communication situations you might be confronted with?

Showing the way: This is very easy: When somebody is travelling by car or walking, you need to remember the following expressions: Turn right/turn left/carry straight on until you come to Motorway – you take exit No.

What can you see in Essen? You can choose between a number of cinemas in the inner city. Essen also has a lot to offer culturally; it is aiming to become Europe`s cultural capital in 2010. You can choose between a number of theatres one of which is the Grillo near the Cathedral, you can also attend musical performances both at the Aalto and in the new Philharmonie.

If you want to take a walk and relax, go to Lake Baldeney (Baldeneysee) or visit the spectacular garden round the villa Hügel which used to be the home of the Krupp family.

A splendid exhibition of art can be viewed at the Folkwang museum.

Nikolaus-Groß-Homepage auf Englisch

Rechtzeitig vor dem Beginn des Weltjugendtages im Bistum Essen und in Köln haben wir die Internetpräsentation für den Ersten Seligen des Bistums Essen und Namengeber unserer Schule, Nikolaus Groß und für seine Ehefrau Elisabeth in die englische Sprache übersetzt, sodass viele Texte und vor allem die meisten visuellen und auditiven Materialien jetzt auch global für unsere Gäste aus aller Welt verständlich und verfügbar sind.

Wir tun dies in der festen Überzeugung, dass das geistige Erbe von Nikolaus und Elisabeth Groß und der persönliche Mut, mit dem sie für ihren christlichen Glauben und für die Würde des Menschen eingetreten sind, auch in der heutigen Zeit vorbildhaft sind. Sie sind nicht nur zeitlos, sie sind auch grenzenlos und verbinden das Ruhrbistum mit Menschen auf allen fünf Kontinenten, die sich in ihrem Verantwortungsbereich und häufig auch unter Gefahr für ihr eigenes Leben für die christlichen Grundwerte einsetzen.

Die Kirche, das Internet und die englische Sprache sind „Global“. Mit der Übersetzung der Elisabeth und Nikolaus Groß Seite in die englische Sprache ist die Grundlage für eine globale Kommunikation geschaffen – am Weltjugendtag und weit darüber hinaus.

In herzlicher Verbundenheit

Bernhard Nadorf

Just in time before the start of the World Youth day in the diocese of Essen and in Cologne we have translated the Internet presentation for the patron of our school, Blessed Nikolaus Groß and for his wife Elisabeth into the English language, so that many texts and especially most of the visual and audio material is now globally understandable and available for our guests from all over the world.

We do this, because we are deeply convinced that the spiritual heritage of Nikolaus and Elisabeth Groß and the personal courage which inspired them in their fight for their Christian faith and for the dignity of man can set a great example also for young people in our time. They are not only timeless, but also boundless connecting the diocese of the Ruhr with people on all five continents who – in their specific area of responsibility – are committed to basic Christian values – frequently risking their own lives.

The Church, the Internet and the English language are global. With the translation of the Elisabeth and Nikolaus Groß homepage into the English language we have created a platform for global communication – on the World Youth day and far beyond.

With sincere greetings

Bernhard Nadorf

Hier gelangen Sie zur Nikolaus-Groß-Homepage:

Willkommen zum Weltjugendtag 2005 in Essen

Im Namen der Lehrenden und Studierenden des Nikolaus-Groß-Abendgymnasiums, einer Weiterbildungsschule, die von dem ersten Bischof des Bistums Essen im Jahre 1959 gegründet wurde, begrüße ich die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des Weltjugendtages sehr herzlich im Bistum Essen.

„Wir sind gekommen, um ihn anzubeten“ – Dies ist das Leitwort des Weltjugendtages in Köln und in den Tagen, die in unserem Bistum stattfinden.

Unsere Schule bietet Ihnen Informationen in englischer und deutscher Sprache mit den folgenden Dokumenten und Links:

  1. Links zu den Seiten des Weltjugendtages in Köln und in Essen
  2. Umfassende Informationen über den Namengeber unserer Schule, den Seligen Nikolaus Groß mit Texten, Bildern und mit Liedern von dem Musical „Nikolaus Groß“
  3. Ein Wortfeld in englischer Sprache, das Ihnen helfen kann, mit unseren Gästen aus aller Welt zu kommunizieren
  4. Eine Einladung zu unserem Stand auf der Kettwiger Straße am Tag des sozialen Engagements, Freitag, dem 12. August von 17.00 bis 22.00 Uhr.

Essen, 30. Juli 2005
Bernhard Nadorf (Schulleiter)

Meet the World

Fischlaker Band „Relation“ begibt sich auf eine musikalische Weltreise

Der Weltjugendtag 2005 steht unter dem Motto „Meet the World“, wie auch der Abend des 19. Februar 2005 in der Fischlaker Pfarrgemeinde Christi-Himmelfahrt. Hier veranstaltet die Pfarrjugend mit der Band Relation, bekannt vom Schulfest im Dezember 2004, ein Konzert mit Songs aus vielen Ländern – passend zum Motto des Weltjugendtages. Die Einnahmen aus diesem Abend werden für die Finanzierung der Aktivitäten im Rahmen des Weltjugendtages in der Gemeinde Christi-Himmelfahrt verwendet.

Abgerundet wird der Abend durch eine ansprechende visuelle Gestaltung des Pfarrsaals, in dem das Konzert stattfindet. Für Snacks und Stauder vom Faß ist selbstverständlich auch gesorgt. Darüber hinaus kann man sich über den Weltjugendtag 2005 informieren. Die Band Relation, zu der auch Lehrer Michael Meyer gehört, spielt seit den 70er Jahren zusammen und zeigte bereits auf dem Schulfest im Abendgymnasium einen Vorgeschmack auf diese Veranstaltung.

„Meet the World“,
Samstag, 19. Februar 2005. Einlass 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr.
Pfarrsaal Christi-Himmelfahrt, Kürsweg 43 a in Essen-Fischlaken.

Karten zum Preis von je 10 Euro gibt es ab sofort im Pfarrbüro Christi-Himmelfahrt und sonntags nach der Messe im „Eine-Welt-Laden“ in Essen-Fischlaken. Oder bestellen Sie online Karten auf der Seite der Fischlaker Pfarrjugend:

Plakat zur Veranstaltung

Plakat zur Veranstaltung